A new year, a new decade is a great time to evaluate and start fresh, which is why we are excited to launch our new website. We analyzed our site and realized that just like our clients, we should optimize and highlight the benefits of our services and how we have helped real businesses reach more clients and convert sales.

This year we are showcasing our Business Intelligence and analytics services and our customized Tableau reports that allow businesses to both find opportunities and solve problems. 

More importantly, we are highlighting how New Angle Analytics is different from typical BI agencies. We care about metrics that matter. Metrics that will help your business grow and become more profitable. We take complex data and not only analyze and find insights; we translate what the insights mean for your business and provide solutions.

Want to know about our services? Our core services are:


Each of our services is tailored to your business. We start with a comprehensive session to understand your business needs so that we capture the right data to analyze and develop actionable insights.

We work with you to determine the ideal method to visualize the data and insights – be it for one department or many to ensure transparency throughout your company.

Want to see us in action? View our Case Studies and how we have helped many companies achieve their goals. 

New Angle Analytics is ready to help your business. Email us for a free consultation today.