Easy to comprehend customizable reports & dashboards


NAA-Cloud_basedOur Data Visualization reporting is all on the cloud so you and your team members can access the information anywhere you have an internet connection.


NAA-CustomizedPeople absorb information differently. We will work with you to create a dashboards that allow you to gain the most insight, tailored to your needs. Do you have multiple departments that have differing priorities? We can customize your reports to the user so that they see the most relevant insights to their job function allowing them to focus on what they can implement to improve the business.

Data Analytics

NAA-Data-AnalysisOnce we have collected and verified your data, New Angle Analytics analyzes your data to find insights that you can implement. Insights such as how to increase traffic to your website, which marketing messages are engaging consumers the most, and where customers drop off in the sales funnel.


NAA-Digital-AnalysisExcel sheets are harder to read and time consuming. That’s why we have created visual representations for the insights we have found within your data. Team members can easily see the statistics and understand how they affect your business and possible solutions.

Insights (Python)

NAA-InsightsPython is a powerhouse coding language that allows us to make sense of your data. Turn excel data into visual insights or scrape information from the web to determine brand sentiment or analyze your competition. Our Python coding skills make it simple to distill millions of data points and turn them into easy-to-read profound insights.

Data Visualization

Make your data truly intelligent with our Data Visualization reporting system. We turn complex data into easy to understand reports that highlight insights, issues, trends, and more. Want to dig into the data? It’s all there for further investigation.


Get the most out of your investment. We will train you and your team members on all of our services so they can easily access and understand the insights to implement solutions.

Business Intelligence


Data Visualization


Web Analytics


Digital Advertising


Case Studies

We’ve put together case studies from some of our top clients to showcase how our services have solved real-world problems and presented opportunities. With our insights, companies have made informed decisions that improve sales and ROI.