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Ryder Homes is a major house developer operating in Nevada and California. Before ramping up their advertising efforts, they first needed to understand user behavior on their website.

Ryder Homes

Business: Home Builders


  1. Build a measurement plan that outlined all data tracking and served as a plan for future tag deployment
  2. Set up Google Tag Manager (GTM) to centralize tag deployment and audits
  3. Execute implementation of all web analytics customizations via GTM, enabling the final Google Analytics reports to feature the metrics and dimensions Ryder Homes wanted


With a fully customized Google Analytics set up, Ryder Homes was able to:

  1. Better understand user behavior and what engaged them the most to better target all future ad campaigns
  2. Create segments in Google Analytics using events or goals to do A/B tests
  3. Analyzed and Increased email registrations allowing Ryder Homes to adapt content to their audience and retarget with relevant information


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Ryder Homes

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