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Vanity Metrics Vs. Results

Every company wants to show its value. That means that some analytics agencies will show you what we call “vanity metrics.” Vanity metrics likely show improvement in an area like website traffic. While increased traffic to your website is often a great step towards improving sales, it is more important to understand the meaning – or the result of the metric.

In this scenario, consider that you have increased traffic to your website, but your website is not performing well. Users come to your site and don’t find what they are looking for or they find it hard to navigate. More people are having a negative experience and may not consider your products and services again.

New Angle Analytics builds its reputation on providing insights and results that matter vs. providing you with a report full of vanity metrics. We work closely with each of our clients to determine the information that is relevant to your company and provide value to your bottom line.

New Angle Analytics

Your industry, business, competition, and consumers all leave a digital print with billions of data points. In theory, the more data, the better. But, what many companies find is that they are overwhelmed by information and unsure of how to make sense of what they see.

New Angle Analytics has more than a decade of experience helping companies determine which data points to capture and measure and how to translate that data into actionable insights that improve business operations. We help businesses find both issues and opportunities ranging from testing the effectiveness of marketing campaigns to defining your demographic to finding the best digital platforms to market your business, to improving the user experience on your company website.

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Case Studies

We’ve put together case studies from some of our top clients to showcase how our services have solved real-world problems and presented opportunities. With our insights, companies have made informed decisions that improve sales and ROI.