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At New Angle Analytics, we help you uncover more from your digital analytics data.

Put everyone in your organization on the same page.

Feel secure about the accuracy of your data.

Squeeze every last drop of value out of Google Analytics.

Our role is to help you find the hidden story behind the numbers. Using data visualization tools such as Tableau, we help you look at your business from a new angle. Your story becomes crystal clear, and you will build your marketing with data-driven efficiency.

A new angle to web analytics

We are not bound by the constraints of a large corporation. We’ll bring a personalized approach to your organization, without overhead, bureaucracy, or other common obstacles. We can provide you a more flexible service, combining new, emerging technology with substantial experience in the field.

Our staff has nearly 10 years of experience working with clients in multiple industries, across different departments. We have identified issues, solved problems, and created data-driven strategies that incorporated the needs of every party involved.

We can uncover more from your data. We can quite literally provide a new angle.


Measurement Plans

You built your website to get results. How do you know if you are achieving those results?

A measurement plan translates your most important goals into metrics. We customize your web analytics and develop a measurement plan based on your business objectives. With a measurement plan, you will know exactly which sets of data to focus on, so you can create a much more effective digital strategy.

You provide the vision. We’ll provide the plan you need.

Tag Management

Timing is everything. But whenever someone on your team needs to change your site’s script tags, your marketing efforts can hit a roadblock.

You may have to find the right IT personnel, get approval from management, or deal with human errors or red tape.

A tag management system puts digital marketing back under your control, where it belongs.

Tag management takes simplicity, agility, and speed to a new level.

Google Analytics Setup

Your business is not a template. Google Analytics may look easy, but sometimes you’ll make mistakes that are surprisingly difficult to fix later on.

A common example is forgetting to block your internal IP. When this happens, a lot of the data may reflect the actions of you and your own team, which inflates the data. And what if you need to measure something customized? Every business has different objectives.

We’ll set up your Google Analytics the right way, the first time.

Testing / Content Experiments

Which version of your ads are bringing the most conversions? How should you structure your landing pages?

Drawing upon a deep background in statistics, New Angle Analytics can help you develop a test and interpret the results. We will also provide the data visualization so you can see the results and understand them intuitively.

We’ll make testing faster and easier. You’ll get the information you need to make informed marketing decisions.

Ongoing Reporting

There’s a story behind your data. Once you crack the code, you can make faster, better-informed decisions for your business.

But you need to know what the data is telling you.

We provide the tools so you can track your data in a meaningful way, month after month. We can build a customized dashboard that lets you create reports on your own. Or if you want a more personal service, we can prepare the reports ourselves, according to your schedule and criteria.

Either way, you will get a new angle on your data.

Strategic Next Steps

Data visualization will give you a clear picture, but we can also help you interpret the results.

For example, if a landing page is not working well with your target market, it could either mean the page isn’t engaging enough, or it could be you’re targeting the wrong audience. We can help you test both possibilities, and interpret the data from your web analytics.

The advice of an informed consultant can save you a vast fortune and months of time. Our company founder has helped large organizations make strategic decisions in both the public and private sector, from the military to corporations to universities.

We can view your situation from a new angle. We’ll help you figure out the next step, and find a path that brings you closer to your long-term goals.

Social Media Analytics

Social media can use up a lot of time and other precious resources. You need to make it count.

Which of your posts, articles, and photos are generating the highest engagement? What about your overall reach?

We’ll work with you to customize your social media analytics so you can focus on what matters most to you. We’ll report which media and content type have the greatest impact and help you adjust your social media strategy accordingly.

Tableau Setup

A picture is worth a thousand words. And data visualization can enlighten everyone on your team in a much more effective and efficient way. Tableau is one of the easiest and quickest ways to share data in a visual format.

We’ll bring your Tableau dashboards up to their full potential. We can integrate Tableau into your existing infrastructure, and train your team to use it.

Effective Dashboards

“Dashboard” is one of the most overused terms in data analytics. Dashboards are supposed to give you access to your data in a way that’s intuitive and graphic. Too often they just make the data more confusing.

We know that different organizations have different needs. Even departments within an organization have different needs. That’s why we have a rich and diverse toolbox of data visualization tools.

We listen to you before we build a dashboard. Then we build custom dashboards that are based on the data you need, in a way that makes sense to you and your team.

Client Testimonials

"We brought Alper on right around the time of our new website launch. He gave us valuable insight and brought a great wealth of knowledge on multiple Google products including Analytics, Adwords and Tag Manager. We would not be where we are in data collection without him. His work with us has resulted in making more informed decisions on advertising based on the data we receive."

Christina Giblin Lambert

Manager of Publication & Marketing
Unclaimed Property Division
Commonwealth of Massachusetts
Office of State Treasurer Deborah B. Goldberg

"Alper is a very dedicated, flexible and detail-oriented consultant who has been a great asset to our team. When we just launched our e-commerce website, Alper performed a thorough test to check all the tags were correctly implemented in Google Analytics and Tag Manager. He currently helps manage our paid search campaigns on Google AdWords and Facebook and provides insights on how to increase website traffic and conversions at a lower cost. Alper also uses Tableau dashboards to present the team with a report on the overall digital marketing performance. We are very grateful for Alper’s contribution and support and look forward to continuing our work together."

Kanchan Nebhwani

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