Do You Make These Costly Mistakes with Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a powerful, and in the digital age, essential tool for many companies. But if not set up right, you may end up wasting precious time and resources.

For example, if you are using the default settings, you could be analyzing irrelevant data. You might get misleading information that will make it appear that an effective advertising campaign isn’t working.

Worse still, you could be wasting money and resources on campaigns that aren’t helping, and might be hurting your organization.

Free Audit Reveals The Data You Need

At New Angle Analytics, we want to make sure you’re getting everything you can out of Google Analytics accurately. That’s why we’re offering a free audit of your analytics.

We can help you uncover these common problems:

Inflated Results

When people from your own organization visit your site, are they being counted as part of your engagement? What about bots? If your settings aren’t configured for these, you won’t really know which of your efforts are truly generating valuable traffic.

Critical Conversions

​Google Analytics measures certain metrics by default. However, these may not be the same metrics you need. And “opt-in” and a “sale” do not mean the same thing. Furthermore, even the same words don’t mean the same thing to different organizations. Every site has different goals. We can tell you whether you’re getting data that is actionable and relevant for your business.

Inaccurate Traffic Reports

​As much as Google Analytics tries to group traffic sources accurately, it will make mistakes if tracking isn’t done properly. Have you ever wondered why your direct traffic is so high even though most of your users are looking you up online? If your sources aren’t reported correctly, your future campaigns may be based on misleading information.

Tracking PII

Google strictly prohibits storing PII in Analytics. This serious matter could get your account TERMINATED. Fortunately, it’s easy to spot. We’ll make sure you don’t lose your Google privileges.

Exposing Irrelevant Data

Your analytics should start with what you want users to do at each step of your funnel, and at each page and click. With a close collaboration, we can help you prioritize the metrics and dimensions you should dedicate most of your time on.

What About Your Reporting Needs?

Every organization needs reports on various performance metrics. But few ask what is relevant and actionable data and what might just be a vanity metric.

We’ll help you develop a measurement plan to answer your questions. What is the main objective of your site or any digital asset you are marketing? What do you really want visitors to do when they reach a given page? A good measurement plan will save endless hours poring over the wrong data.

The Power of Data Visualization and Quick Updates

Data visualization is the key to gathering insights from complex sets of data. It is crucial to design dashboards that will allow insights to be visible.

Companies often make one of two mistakes when dealing with reporting:

Focusing too much on vanity metrics

While some vanity metrics could be useful the less frequent reports, executives should spend their time on what most affects their bottom line. An effective dashboard takes into account what matters most.

Cumbersome reporting

Data moves fast. You collect lots of new information every day. If a report is not designed to be updated quickly, you won’t be able to take action as quickly as you need.
At New Angle Analytics, we use tools like Tableau and Google Data Studio to visualize your data effectively and efficiently. We can find and fix dashboards that are difficult to update, eating up too much precious time. We’ll unmask reports and reporting programs that create more confusion than insights and set you up with the right tools.

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Tracking, collecting, and reporting data are essential areas of analytics. If not done properly, you give the edge to your competitors. Our free Analytics Audit could be a game-changer for your organization.

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